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Please provide the following doc. If available:-

1.       Contract of sale

2.       Floor Plan, elevations, sections, site plan

3.       Plan of subdivision

4.       Council rate notice

5.       Occupancy Permit

6.       Building Permit

7.       Planning Certificate

Property Depreciation Schedule

Client & Property Information Required

Property Information
Property Address: ______________________________________________

Suburb: ________________________________________________

Postcode: ________________________________________________

Settlement Date: ______________________________________________

Acquisition / Contract Date: ________________________________________________

Total Capital Expenditure
Purchase Price: $ ______________________
Stamp Duty:  $ ______________________
Legal Fees:   $ ______________________
Conveyancy Fees: $ ______________________
Unimproved Land Value: $ __________________________ (refer rates notice, Valuer General, council)

Client Information
 First Name:__________________________________________
 Surname: ____________________________________________
 Address: ____________________________________________
 Home Number: __________________________________________
 Fax Number: ________________________________________
 Mobile Number: __________________________________________
 Email Address: __________________________________________

Construction Cost
Building Type (tick one):

o Detached House - Modern
o Detached House - Old
o Townhouse
o Unit - High Rise (one or more lifts)
o Unit - Low Rise (no lifts)

 Construction Completion Date: 
 Construction Start Date: 
 Construction Cost (if known):  
 If Construction Cost UNKNOWN, state Floor Area.         m2


To complete the self-inspection, simply measure the number, size, or area of each item as specified.
Items marked ‘no. (eg Air Conditioning - split system) should be counted invidually.
Items marked m2’ (eg Air conditioning - centrally ducted) should be measured as an area.
Items marked ‘item (eg lift) should be counted as ‘1’ if present, or left blank if not present.

If an item was purchased separately to the property itself you will need to provide the date of purchase and the price you paid for the item. For example, you may have purchased a dish washer 5 days after settlement, in which case you would need to enter the date and price as shown on the tax invoice you have retained for

Bathroom Assets                              QTY            Unit          Cost                  Date   

                                                                                       (if known)              (if not settlement)

Exhaust fans                                                        no.
Heated towel rails                                                 no.
Shower curtains                                                    no.
Spa bath pump                                                     no.

Laundry Assets                                   Qty            Unit                  Cost                           Date
                                                                                                   (if known)           (if not settlement)

Clothes dryer                                                        no.
Ironing board -freestanding                                     no.
Irons                                                                    no.
Washing machine                                                 no.

Kitchen Assets                                   Qty             Unit                  Cost                             Date
                                                                                                  (if known)             (if not settlement)

Cooktop                                                               no.
Cutlery & crockery                                                no.
Dishwasher                                                          no.
Freezer                                                                no.
Garbage disposal unit                                            no.
Microwave                                                            no.
Oven                                                                    no.
Rangehood                                                           no.
Refrigerator                                                           no.
Stove                                                                    no.
filters - electrical                                                    no.

Fire Control Assets                              Qty             Unit                  Cost                             Date
                                                                                                 (if known)             (if not settlement)

Fire evacuation speaker and bells                            item
Smoke detector                                                     no.
Fire break glass alarm                                            item
Fire indicator panel (shared in complex)                   item
Fire extinguisher                                                    item
Fire hose reel (shared in complex)                           item
Pumps (shared in complex)                                     item

 General Assets                                Qty.              Unit                  Cost                                Date
                                                                                                  (if known)             (if not settlement)

Lamps - Floor Mounted, Freestanding                      no.
Lamps - Table, Freestanding                                   no.
Linen                                                                     item
Master antenna television MAW (shared in complex) item
Mirrors - free standing                                             no.
Radios                                                                   no.
Rugs                                                                      m2
Stereo system                                                        no.
Surround sound system                                           no.
Cordless phone                                                       no.
PABX (shared in complex)                                        no.
Telephone handset                                                   no.
Television antennas - freestanding                             item
Television sets                                                         no.
Vacumaid                                                               item
Vacuum cleaners - portable                                   no.
Ventilation fans                                                       no.
Video cassette recorder systems (VCR)                 no.

Carpet                                                                 m2
Blinds                                                                      m2
Curtains                                                                   m2

SecurityAssets                                            QTY          Unit            Cost             Date                                                                                                        

                                                                                              (if  known)      (if not settlement)Access control, entry, security system (shared in complex)               item
CCTV security system (shared in complex)                                      item
Security alarm system                                                                    item



Other ……please…. specify ………………….


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